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Fiesta de Mayo 2021 Date: May 3rd @ 8:37am EDT

Fiesta de Mayo Celebration is around the corner
Stop by in my room to get a special offer between 1th -5th of May .
Your 1st SHOT sent to me gets you a 5 minutes free private show and 30 days in my fan club .
Let me explain how it works;-)
You send me 1 SHOT (cost 50 credits or 40 credits if you are a VIP) then I give you a deal code that you can use it now or later ( the code is valid 1 year) , then I give you a 30 days access to my Fan Club ( finally you can whisper to me in an open chat ) and finally we are BOTH happy ;-)
Let's summarise. You spend in my room 50 credits and you SAVE 700 credits ! ( 5 minutes private show with me = 450 credits , fan club =300 credits) .
Waiting for you , no matter what !
Easter Wishes 2021 Date: Apr 3rd @ 5:43pm EDT
Much joy , energy and positive thinking despite the pandemic !

Hugs Karly
Valentines 2021 ! Date: Feb 16th @ 2:29pm EST
Thanks a bunch to every single person who supported me during Valentine's Contest. You placed me TOP 10 ;-) .
A Big Thank you for 2020 Date: Dec 31st @ 1:16pm EST
A big thank you for another year spent here. I am so grateful for every single day I could spend here. It has been a challenging time and I appreciate your huge support even If I was offline. Thank you to all of my loyal VOTERS who made an effort to VOTE for me every day . Thank you for putting a smile on my face and thank you for every single credit you spent in my room.

Warmest Thanks Karly
HAPPY 2021 !!! Date: Dec 30th @ 4:33pm EST
End each year with a few good lessons and start the new one by showing that you have learnt the lessons of the past well ;-) Happy 2021 !

VACATION Date: Aug 17th @ 11:40am EDT
I have been waiting too long to go on vacation ;-) Finally it is behind the corner, hehe . I will be back around 10th of September ;-)
FIREWORKS -WORD OF THANKS Date: Jul 6th @ 7:34am EDT
Guys !
I would love to thank you for the FIREWORKS you sent to me . This year you placed me at 15th ;-)
FIREWORKS 2020 RULES Date: Jul 3rd @ 7:06am EDT
Hello ;-)

1 Firework per account = 60 days in my Fan club, whisper option unblocked, free members shows. Additionally if you are a VIP member C2C in FREE available.

Above benefits valid for 60 days !

Damn Shamrocks 2020...lol Date: Mar 12th @ 6:28pm EDT
Yay !
We all are so HAPPY about St Patrick's Celebration here ;) It's that time of year again, when we all get drunk and naked , and collect damn shamrocks ...lol
I Invite you to my room to Celebrate it together ;) You never know what will be waiting for you in my room
If you are pretty creative...you know how to make me a winner for the MOST UNIQUE SHAMROCKS from different users ;) Waiting for your proposal ;)

See you Around !


P.S. If you win some minutes you get a deal code that you paste into a box when the show starts. Minutes are valid 1 year ;)
Viewers Choice Award 2019 Date: Dec 31st @ 8:21am EST
Dear Voters !
Wanted to thank you for all votes you sent me when I was online, offline or sick , you remembered about me !
Congratulations to all who won in my lottery !
A very special thank you for the SUPER VOTES !

Hugs Karly
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