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Happy 13th Friday ! Date: Oct 13th @ 2:58am EDT
Happy 13th Friday ;)
On that occasion I prepared prizes for 13 RANDOM VOTERS
13 of you can win :
30 days access to my Fan CLub
1 sexy vod of mine
a 5 minutes private chat with me !

Results tomorrow :)

Good luck ;)
Model of the Week Oct 2017 Date: Oct 11th @ 6:07am EDT
Guys ! You made me the Model of the week ! This is my first time. Thank you very very much to all of you who has spent at least 1 credit on me .

I am so thankful

VOTING 2017 Date: Oct 6th @ 2:51am EDT
Guys come to my room everyday and VOTE for me. You never know what a bonus of the day I prepared ;)

Hugs Karly

Flirt of the year 2017 Date: Sep 30th @ 4:11pm EDT
Hello dear,
If you don't know what FLIRT of the YEAR 2017 is. Let me tell you something more about this competition. It is a very important time for models who have been working so hard. The top 100 qualifying performers are ranked based on total credits earned in 2017. Competition is fierce at every level. You can help me move up in the rankings with each show and tip between now and December 31st.

The most important part for me of this annual contest is VIEWER'S CHOICE AWARD.

Customers can VOTE for free once per model, per 24 hours , via the chat panel in each model room, or in the model's bio - you will see a special icon that lets you vote. Remember it is FREE and help me win a huge prize ;)

I prepared special PRIZES for those who VOTE for me.
At the end of each month 10 random persons win my fan club and 10 random persons win access to one of My hot video.

The more you vote the bigger chance you have to win:)
Every winner gets a message with some tips.

At the end of the 3 months period a person who gave me at least 50 SUPER VOTES qualifies for the random draw to win a 40 minutes private chat with me.There will be 3 winners

At the end of 3 months of VOTING a person who gave me the most SUPER VOTES wins a 60 minutes private chat (your win can be separated - it means that you can use 3x20 min, 6x10 etc,it depends on you- just send me an e-mail which way you want to use it),



Hugs Yours Karly

P.S. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
VACATION Date: Aug 2nd @ 1:38pm EDT
I am away on VACATION until August 2nd. Will be missing you guys ;) Everybody needs some time to rest a little. Hope you have a great time too.

See you around August 17th

CELEBRITY NOW Date: Jul 30th @ 3:33am EDT
I have just achieved a higher LEVEL on this stie. I am ''CELEBRITY" now . Thank you for everything you did for me , your support and care. It means a lot to me . Every single credit that you spent on me is very much appreciated.

FIREWORKS 2017 Date: Jul 7th @ 3:07am EDT
Thanks to everyone who helped me with the fireworks ;) You placed me 6th .
Hugs Karly
BE MY VALENTINE WINNERS 2017 Date: Feb 23rd @ 6:22pm EST

VALENTINE'S CELEBRATION 2017 Date: Feb 10th @ 9:41am EST
Hello ;)
As every year I will be collecting candy hearts from the highest number of unique customers. You can help me by sending me a 1candy heart. For every first heart you send me I will gift you a one sexy video. It will work between 10th-14th of Feb. So that if you send me a 1 heart every day you can collect 4 different videos of mine :) Isn't great ? You will have access for 1 month to these videos. It is not all ;) Every heart from you will be a part of my VALENTINE'S LOTTERY. At the end of VALENTINE'S DAY I will draw lots for 5 members who win a 10 minutes private show with me.
REMEMBER you can send me this one special heart when I am offline, on break , in private. At the end of every day I will be giving access to the video. If you don't know how to see it , no worries , I will send you a message with some tips.
There is something very special for you:
$500 in credits for a user who receives hearts from the most models. If you collect them, send me a message and I will support you.
Let me get you in the mood for celebrating VALENTINE'S DAY

Hugs Karly
THANK YOU VOTERS - Viewers Choice Award 2016 Date: Jan 7th @ 2:24pm EST
You made me number 10 for the Viewers Choice Award. Thank you very much that you spent almost every day here to cast a vote for me.

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